About Us

Beyond The Trades Interview Series

Modeled After The Best Selling Book “TRIBE OF MENTORS”

Through standard short action-filled questions & answer interviews each week, you will get an opportunity to read the secrets for success and happiness from traders who post regularly on social media. We aim to interview not only known successful traders, but also the new and struggling trader still trying to master the game.

You will learn what makes them tick. What trading and life inspirations they follow. What books they enjoy to read and why. Trading & life lessons and tips will be shared – and much more!

The format will be simple, traders interviewed will be asked all the same insightful questions. These interviews are not meant to be trading lessons, although you will find in their answers what makes them successful in their life journey.

The responses from the traders interviewed will be posted raw, in their own words and unedited so the reader can feel the emotion in their answers.