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Daisy Cruz – Interview


QUESTION – Thank you for taking the time to participate in the Q & A session. Before we start in detail. Would you like to share with everyone who may not know, who you are, what you do, where you live, work and your experience trading as we understand you started at a very young age.

DAISY: Hello! My name is Daisy Cruz. I am also known as “The Prodigy.” I am currently 18 years old and I am very fortunate to be a full-time day trader. I was born in North Carolina and I’ve been here ever since. In the future, I plan to move out of North Carolina and travel while also having the opportunity to educate others about the stock market. I began my trading journey when I was 16 years old. I started learning how to trade when I was 16 and soon began trading when I was 17. I got into trading through my mom, also known as @the_spyqueen on twitter. Every weekday before I’d drive myself to school I’d see my mom up in her office on her computer watching the market before it opened. I was always very intrigued by the fact that she was able to make money by simply being at her computer. Besides this, all the charts and candlesticks were very fascinating to me even though they looked super complicated. Due to this, I liked the idea of what a challenge it would be to learn how to navigate a trading platform and how to execute trades. As a result, whenever I had free time I would learn about the market by having my mom teach me. Thankfully, here I am today, a full-time trader.

QUESTION – What failure or setback have you experienced in your young life that has set you up for later success (or will set you up in the future for later success?)

DAISY: One setback I experienced was when I got one of my options executed. Never in the time that I have been trading have I ever gotten executed until then. At first, I was very confused about how I got executed. After realizing how and why they were executed, I obviously became upset. Even though it wasn’t the end of the world, it was somewhat disappointing that I had made such a careless mistake. After educating myself on what it means to have trades executed, I came to terms with what had happened. Later, while owning those shares of the stock it actually turned around and ended up giving me my money back and some more. Overall, even though it wasn’t a horrible setback, I considered it to be one of my best trades due to the fact that it was highly educational. Since I faced this, It had motivated me to educated myself about what could happen to my shares and how to not make careless mistakes.

QUESTION – Your social media profile is the “Prodigy”, Is there a story behind this that you like to share.

DAISY: I was given the name “The Prodigy” by one of my good friends Debbie. Since I started learning how to trade at such a young age and picked it up very quickly, Debbie called me a trading prodigy. After she said that, she brought up the idea that I should go by “The Prodigy,” thus the name “The Prodigy” was born.

QUESTION– How would you describe what makes a successful Trader – keeping in mind that it has been reported that 90% of traders fail.

DAISY: Discipline is VERY important when it comes to trading. I definitely believe that if you put in the hard work, study, and maintain discipline, you’ll become a successful trader. In order to execute successful trades, you must have a plan and stick to it! If you waiver and stray away from your discipline then you are essentially setting yourself up for failure. In addition to discipline, having no emotions is another key to being a successful trader. In the trading world, there is no room for emotions. Emotions can become your biggest enemy.
Many people that first start trading usually struggle with this due to the fact that the market is known to provoke you. Overall, if you allow your emotions to take over, from greed to panic, you will lose. This is why you must always have discipline and a trading strategy that you will stick with. With those, you can stay grounded and lead yourself down the path to success.

QUESTION: As a young adult trying to grind out a potential career in trading, What is the role in having a balance all around life in your day to day activities. What hobbies do you enjoy?

DAISY: Thankfully, I am blessed enough to be able to fully focus on developing my trading career. Every day the market is open I join my mom in our office where we both focus on trading and further educating ourselves. On my spare time when I’m not doing any extra studying, I like to take up different projects/ activities. I really enjoy challenging myself so I like to try new things that I’ve never done before. For example, recently I have taken up weightlifting so I can better my health and build up my strength. In addition to this, I have taken up learning how to ride a motorcycle, how to drive a car manually, and how to do acrylic nails. Ultimately, I try to be active and I try to better myself in whatever I can.

QUESTION – What advice would you give to your peers looking to enter the trading profession?

DAISY: If you are looking to start trading, I highly recommend paper trading! Trading is just like anything else, you must practice before you can be skilled at it. For example, Tom Brady did not become an NFL player by luck. He practiced his sport and as a result, he became very good at it. You cannot go into something blind and expect good results to come out of it. Realistically, life doesn’t work like that. In addition, studying is also very important. Just like practicing, you need to be knowledgeable about whatever subject matter you’re going to engage with. Knowledge will be your best friend when it comes to trading. If you are able to learn a variety of trading techniques, analysis, and terminology, you’ll be equipped to make informed and rational decisions with your trades.

QUESTION – What good & bad advice do you hear often in life.

DAISY: One good piece of advice that I often hear in life is to make connections! Getting out there and connecting with other traders is very beneficial! Firstly, making connections is great because it allows you to become exposed to new information about the stock market. Through connections, you can become exposed to new trading software, methods, and platforms. Besides having access to all kinds of information, amazing friendships can come from meeting new people. As many are aware, trading can become a lonely career that can leave you feeling isolated. Through connections, you can surround yourself with like-minded people and create your own unique relationships. On the other hand, one bad piece of advice I always hear is to average down. Personally, I don’t believe in this method nor do I practice it. Frankly, I don’t see how it could benefit to do such a thing, thus I just completely steer clear away from it.

QUESTION – When you have lost your mojo or focus, what do you do to get back on track?

DAISY: Usually, when I get thrown off I go back to my trading journal. In my journal, I have notes that I have written regarding various trading techniques, strategies, and terminology. I go over these when I have forgotten certain things or when I need confirmation. Besides this, sometimes I’ll take a small break so when I come back I’ll have a definite judgment.

QUESTION – If you could have a big billboard with your favorite saying or message on it, what would it be.

DAISY: A long time ago I saw one of my followers had this quote in their bio and it really stuck with me. If I could have a big billboard with my favorite quote it would be, “Money is not the goal, freedom is the goal.”

Thank you for taking the time for our readers to get to know you. How can our readers contact you on social media?

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