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Anthony “@AllDaya_” – Interview

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QUESTION – Thank you for taking the time to participate in the Q & A session. Before we start in detail. Would you like to share with everyone who may not know, who you are and your background.

ANTHONY Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to reach out and being interested in asking me some questions regarding trading and my back story! First off, My name is Anthony, but most people in the trading realm know me as AllDay, you can find me at @ALLDAYA_ on twitter, instagram and youtube. I was born and raised in NJ not too far from NYC which hopefully helps out some people in understanding why I’m so brash with answering questions or my somewhat attitude towards everything. We call it tough love out here. I had an average upbringing, nothing crazy at all, my grandparents came here from a small town Italy and essentially drilled hard work into all their grandkids heads. My pop, as i would call him, always talked about stocks and how my one of my cousin’s worked on Wall Street. He passed away when I was young but I never forgot the message that was brought to me. School came easy, as well as athletics, so i learned discipline through sports, and just never stopped learning. Once I obtained my Economics degree, I started to learn how to trade stocks and invest but that was not my main focus and goal, my first thought was to train and maybe join the Navy in hopes to become a SEAL, big dreams yes, but just never advanced in that process, I trained myself hard but always had this “injury bug” where I always seemed to get injured whenever I pushed it. My second goal, was to become an US Air Marshal or some type of law enforcement officer, I passed every test I have ever taken but for whatever reason I was NEVER selected into a process. Imagine getting the letter over and over that your were not selected after grueling months of waiting, test taking, interviews, etc. So trading was always there for me in the meantime while everything else was just a waste of my time and BS. So I turned everything around and partnered up with another trader and now we are running our own accounts in an office looking to build something huge in the future. So shout out to everyone who denied my opportunity! My goal is to just make their salary everyday!


QUESTION – What and who got you into trading. Do you currently trade full time, If yes, how long, do you trade your own money or for others, etc ?

ANTHONY – At my school, when you are an Economics major or Finance major, you had the opportunity to take an investing course where they gave you a paper account to play with for the length of the course which was really cool. I believe that was my first experience of actually placing a trade. While in college my friend and I were always looking into trading and at the time there wasn’t too much information but fortunately one of my buddies friends owned a prop firm near us so we went there and were exposed to even more information. We didn’t learn much from the actual firm since they were just trying to rob us of 10k each (capital contribution) but the fact they exposed us to real life trading helped me out looking into trading more. To remind everyone I graduated high school in 2009, so my college tenure was basically the hardest time to find a job, internship, unless you were becoming a teacher, nurse, etc. So when we all graduated I knew I was either becoming a cop or had to create something. So trading was the route that chose me.

I have been trading for 5 years now, I am trading full time with a partner of mine to create something special in the next few months/year so keep an eye out for that. We are trading our own Capital at this time as we are not licensed. BUT, maybe in the future we will obtain licenses and get a fund ready to go!


QUESTION – What personal or professional failure/setback have you experienced in your life or professional career that has set you up for later success?

ANTHONY – I mean, not being selected by any of these LEO departments when I was in my early 20s absolutely sucked. No one ever gave a reason, they just send a letter saying “sorry you were not selected.” But to be honest F them, F that, they just set me up to be one badass trader that hopefully goes above and beyond helping people more than I ever could with a badge. Trading wise, as we all know, ups and downs happen, draw downs suck, but if you can’t handle a draw down then quit now. If you can’t handle being denied from a job then don’t trade, if you can’t handle a break up, don’t trade. Trading is not something to mess with if you are an emotional wreck that can’t handle a little adversity. But if you can handle the most grueling mental challenges in life then you might be cut out for this stuff. If not, here is your warning.


QUESTION– How would you describe what makes a successful Trader – keeping in mind that it has been reported that 90% of traders fail.

ANTHONY – Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, so if you wanna be a trader your aim or purpose is to make money. If you don’t make money you’re not successful, if you make money you’re successful. It’s black and white for me. I think the 90% quote is over played, 90% of people fail to last more than 3 months at selling cars, is selling cars hard? Nah, people are just FFFFFing lazy and want everything handed to them. Trading is the worst job for lazy people, actually learning and trading though, most people they think they can go out buy a freakin laptop, a computer chair, and be the next online GURU! LOL! GTFO!


QUESTION – What do you feel is the role in having a balance all around life in your day to day activities. What hobbies do you enjoy?

ANTHONY – Eat, Sleep, Trade, Repeat. Other than that, I really don’t have much going on. I lift weights everyday, I watch sports, and I try to keep myself sane.


QUESTION – What advice would you give to your younger self as it relates to your personal life. What about advice for your younger trading self?

ANTHONY – Probably take that job out of school. I was offered a job at a bank in Austin Texas,  for shit pay and at the time i was like “Ew Texas?” But then I went to Austin this year and was pretty stunned at how hard they party on 6th street. Only because trading for me was a total sacrifice of time and money. If i had a job at first it would have been an easier process. You’re not profitable right away, the only reason why I was fine my first year was because of the weed stock OTC market and getting lucky on them swings, that gave me enough time to learn for the next year. I tell all younger traders who hit me up to “full time trade” to get a job first, don’t start off full time, it’s worse than being unemployed because you’re going to lose money.


QUESTION – What good or bad advice do you hear often in life (or trading – or both)

ANTHONY –. ha! The bitcoiners killed me inside on that parabolic run up. Some of the worst advice ever was going on around that time, the James Altuchers of the world are all hiding now after predicting “one million by 2020.” These online personalities giving advice are all BS. But the “bitcoin to one million” was the worst advice I ever witnessed. I see bad advice given all the time, especially to the poor people who follow certain stock pump chat rooms, like why TF are you following a guy go into a thin stock with light volume only to get sold on, after once or twice you should be able to see the trend! I just feel bad for the common guy trying to make a dollar, most of them get scammed into thinking these gurus are here to help, yet these online gurus are just taking money and making false promises. My advice for any new traders reading this, do it my way, block everyone out, learn by yourself and teach yourself how, following someone will only get yourself hurt in this game. Stop following the stupid youtube videos with clickbait titles of “HOW I TURNED 1 DOLLAR INTO 4.2 MILLION IN 6MONTHS.” Its BS, it’s nonsense, quit being a dumbass and learn the right way, it takes time, trust me. If you need a guide there are some people out there that can help, you can message me on IG or twitter and ask me where, but you are never going to learn joining a damn chatroom and trying to follow anyone, even me, you can learn off of me like little things I do, but following me blindly wont help you. Chat rooms should be used for idea purposes only, where they are great so you don’t miss action.


QUESTION – If you had to give a book or books as a gift to someone,  What would you recommend and & why?

ANTHONY – I have never read a book on trading. Some of these authors are worse than the twitter trading gurus. If i have to question if you ever made a real trade before I won’t buy any products. Most authors I gotta question them, so i refuse to read anything. All I see are quotes about life and not trades from these authors, but if anyone is out there that wants to show me a book that has legit trades in it with explanations, I’m all ears.


QUESTION – When you have lost your mojo or focus , what do you do to get back on track?

ANTHONY – I have never lost focus on my main goal. Im a hungry and determined person, a different breed. But the periods of trading when I suck, I take some days off, refocus, and don’t touch any setups unless they are perfect. Just gotta have the understanding of when things work and when they don’t work.


QUESTION – If you could have a big billboard with your favorite saying or message on it, what would it be. Keep it clean as I know you are from New Jersey. LOL.

ANTHONY – Tom Brady is the GOAT.


Thank you for taking the time for our readers to get to know you. How can our readers contact or follow you on social media?

ANTHONY – If you guys wanna reach out to me or follow me I just launched my twitter again

@Alldaya_ and instagram @Alldaya_ , my youtube account is also brand new you can follow me on that at . I post a lot of trades and what I do on my instagram. Feel free to message me whenever. Thanks. 

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