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Sharlene Lindsay & Chris Hammett – Co-Founders of Traders Creed – Interview

A4481A7C-AB0A-4D93-9DD3-734610B1F1C7QUESTION – Thank you for taking the time to participate in the Q & A session. Before we start in detail, would you like to share with everyone who may not know, who you are and a little bit about your company? 

SHARLENE & CHRIS: We are really excited to be able to get introduced to your audience. Thank you.

My name is Sharlene Lindsay and I am the President and Co-Founder of Traders Creed. My business partner and soon to be Husband! Chris Hammett, the COO and Co-Founder. We are based in Katy, Texas.

Myself (Sharlene) have made a career for the last 20 years and currently in Oil & Gas, specifically in engineering and management roles.

Chris Hammett has made a career for the last 20+ years and currently in the IT industry.

A little about Traders Creed:

We launched the store in June of 2019 as an eCommerce apparel & accessories company. The shared vision of our store is to share with our fellow Traders/Investors our heartfelt passion, humor, and creativity. For this, we invested in the idea of providing the vast trading community with an ROTP(Return on Trading Pride) through the highest quality of apparel and accessories laced with humor intended to empower our community with even deeper feelings of pride, identity, humor, whit or celebration of success for all traders or investors, we invite all to join in our Traders Creed.

We also believe in social and environmental responsibilities and as owners we pride ourselves on having ethically sourced products. As with any true Creed it is not just about the message, it is in the actions! For instance, our designs are sourced to support graphic designers around the world. While our growth and success are shared with the community through various charities; from women’s shelters to animal rescues, and many in between. We Donate $1 from every item sold.

QUESTION – Your company has a very professional looking website and your apparel designs look fantastic. Are you strictly selling online? What is your site URL for our readers to check out?

SHARLENE & CHRIS: We are currently strictly online. In the future, we are looking to strategically place pop up Kiosks and at financial events.

QUESTION – What got you into trading apparel (or trading in general). Do you trade yourself? Love to hear how this all came about.

SHARLENE & CHRIS: We have been working in the corporate sector for 20+ plus years. Climbing the corporate ladder was less appealing and the reasonable sized pay raises or bonus where the thing of the past. 

Then taking an inward and outward look of the current world environment, our investments, debts, and bank accounts. Then the outlook around the politics, stock market and the economy. Questions raised “When the next bust is going to be (soon) and how long the last bull market will last (2020)?”. Current elected leaders globally set a tone of volatility in the meantime. So that drove some fear inside, but more of how do we change this to meet our goals??? We wanted to make sure we have the security and freedom. We are wanting to retire at age of 55, maybe 60 the latest. Yeah people laughed at us; but we want to make sure we can live it up before we were not able to or 6 feet under.

We started to research ways to have passive or extra income; while keeping the corporate job. Investing & Trading stocks was one that kept popping up. Trading seem to fit our personality and criteria. Started to research more on trading.  We discovered such a rich community of retail traders. Also, many that profess to “Mentors” and “Gurus”. Overall it was great to see the community of retail traders.

Began to study the “How to” and started trading. Mainly day/swing trading. Although not a seasoned trader yet. We continue to keep the account small to maintain a rule set until we are in full control of our trading. Quite honestly, haven’t even learned to short yet. We are better investor! So one step at a time.

Then one of those things, when you are starting something new, excited, euphoria kicking in and diving in the deep…We looked for apparel and accessories. Find products that spoke to us as a trader or investor. We could only find the mentors and gurus own branded T-Shirts. There was a few that had the same candle stick chart with different sayings. Basically, not much out there. Thought about this a lot and still continued to google to find something. The light bulb went off! 

When Traders Creed was born. We wanted to make sure that there was a uniqueness to the  apparel and accessories for the community to have, share, or even show-off their style and success. Also provide a bit of tongue and cheek humor as well. I loved the feeling when I saw that one shirt that produced a giggle or memory or related too. Also, of quality, where the print didn’t flake off or the color washed out quickly.

QUESTION – What personal or professional failure/setback have you experienced in your life or professional career that has set you up for later success?

SHARLENE & CHRIS: Whoa, this is a loaded question (for both of us)!!

Sharlene – I started out in the oilfield when women where just starting to be recruited for field positions. It was still very much a boy’s club back then. During those years, it was difficult to fit in regardless of who you are as person and could bring to the table. It was also not structured for women in the field; such as, having a women’s bathroom, separate sleeping quarters, etc. You had to adjust to environment, while keeping yourself safe and sometimes from scandalous rumors! Time management was huge thing to have.

I had to learn to be in control of my emotional intelligence such as how I spoke when feeling frustrated (little too sharp with words), be a champion of change, organized or task orientated and learn to manage money as it was feast or famine in this industry. I even tried my hand at poker in the spare time…I didn’t become a professional, but it taught risk versus reward with entertainment of observing others.

Whether it be from the education in school or industry, there were many setbacks of not getting the promotion, reaching desired goals, learning to network or find/getting the right managers/mentors. The biggest lesson I have learned is that you can grow as person without changing who you are at the core. Each set back came with a lesson and just take a step forward with a new plan.

Chris Being in the IT industry since Intel was less than $3 a share, I have experienced so much on both sides of this question as to fill a book.  I will attempt to sum that book up into a short point of view (this is rare for me) or my Life Creed:  Life itself is very much like investing, but the currency changes with every aspect.  In the case of a Career, this is your long-term investment of Money, Sweat, tears and in some cases blood with the intent of having a high return on your investment when you reach that golden age and retire.  As for a relationship, this can be a “Swing” trade, or a “Bag Holder” trade, and in the best case, a lifelong investment that has a ROI that just does not end (the kind I have now).  As with every day in life, any success or failure builds on the past and impacts future choices, My failures and successes in my career help be identify when I might be getting into a Bull or Bear style corporate environment and to identify when and how to react with greater success or just cut my losses and pull out.  As with all trading however, success is defined by BOTH successful and failed attempts in everything we do.  The best thing I can advise to anyone for a Life Creed is to remember your successes and celebrate them, remember your failures and analyze them; don’t repeat them, in the end do not let either control you but allow them to influence your choices as you move forward and refine your own personal Traders Creed.  

QUESTION– How would you describe what makes a successful small business? What challenges have you come across?

SHARLENE & CHRIS:  Great question. In my opinion they have to passionate about the business(product/service), solving a problem (entrepreneurial), transparent, invest in people, give back to their community, consistent learning and of course willing to fail x many times.

Our adventure starting Traders Creed has been a huge learning curve and full of frustrations. The challenge was building the site and optimizing. Didn’t think there would be coding skills involved. We signed up for classes a Udemy to learn. The next is with marketing and analytics figuring out where our holes in the bucket sort speak were. We recognized the need to outsource some parts to professionals, for now.

QUESTION: What do you feel is the role in having a balanced all around life in your day to day activities? What hobbies do you enjoy?


Sharlene – I believe that we need to have balance to remain healthy mentally, physically, and for our family. If you don’t balance it, you won’t be happy. Balance is always a balancing act and a choice.

My hobbies: I am an animal lover – I like to help out dog rescues, playing poker when I can, swing trading (market research).

Chris – Balance in life is truly a precious thing, and elusive. Life has a way of knocking us around, at the end of each day I enjoy reflecting on my choices and opportunities given me to recover from the imbalance life tosses at me.  That helps me refine my choices later, I am horrible with lists and structure so for me it is on the spot or in the moment choices I rely on and reflect on to help me do even better the next day.  This can be anything from maintaining a diet, to deciding where and when to spend my money or if I even need to (which my hobbies often make trouble for me in).  I do believe as Sharlene does, we need balance and that balance is obtained by the choices we make from the moment we wake to the moment we rest.

As for Hobbies, this is a laundry list for me, as a person who lives in the moment, I can take up a hobby on a whim (often knocking Sharlene out of balance) and drop one just as fast.  The few hobbies I have help to however are Radio Controlled devices and Drones; Photography, and Technology Gadgets.  Mostly for me it is Technology, just the joy of tinkering and building, it is a place I go for relaxing and resting through learning and play.  

QUESTION – What advice would you give to your younger self as it relates to your personal life? What about advice for your younger professional self?


Sharlene – Learn everything involving Finance and Coding.

Chris – That is a hard one, because for me I would not take the chance of changing where I am today.  Though I would love to advise my younger self that when your father comes and asks what Technology stock to invest in, get an allowance and buy intel, Microsoft and Apple stocks as much and fast as you can.  Everything else leave it alone because that is what defined me as I am now. I may not be perfect, but the perfect parts of my life may be lost in any change.  

QUESTION – What good or bad advice do you hear often in life (or in trading – or both)?


Sharlene – Bad advice: Listen to “Gurus”

     Good Advice: Continually learn & try new things both in life and trading.

Chris – Bad Advice = Just wait for it to happen it will, someone will do it eventually…  (NEVER LISTEN TO THIS)

Good advice = Ok I am about to sound Clichés here, but it rings true:  Treat every day like it was your last, love truly and completely, and never leave thoughts of the heart unsaid.  Things in life will come and go as the wind and water, it is the things of the heart, the love and memories that you make and those you make them with that are truly precious and priceless.

QUESTION – Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?


Sharlene – In five years I hope to be retire from industry to travel & trade more, hopefully have that financial freedom! In ten years, fully retired and enjoying future grandkids.

Chris – 5 years, working from home if not retired, making what I love a reality through Traders Creed, I love sharing humor and I have a passion for making people laugh.  I am just learning through Traders Creed how to do so with a twist in trading.

QUESTION – When you have lost your mojo or focus, what do you do to get back on track? 


Sharlene – Depending on how big/bad it is, can range from going for a walk, listening to music or take a vacation to reset.

Chris – For me it ranges, from playing a game on the PC to listening to Music, to playing with the Pups Bella or Queenie.  Honestly, a good play time with Dogs can lighten even the nastiest of days.

QUESTION  – If you could have a big billboard with your favorite saying or message on it, what would it be?


Sharlene – Be the best you and don’t forget to have humor.

Chris – Cliché: Life is to short, spend it laughing, sharing, loving those around you, even those you don’t like.

QUESTION: Thank you for taking the time for our readers to get to know you. How can our readers contact or follow you on social media?  And feel free to mention any projects or services that you are involved with.


Thank you for having us. We can reach at:





Phone/Text: 1-202-900-9925

We are currently working with Animal Coalition Unlimited to raise funds to pay the bills of rescuing & care of these dogs. Check out the collection here. 100% proceeds go to them!


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