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Michelle Nguyen (aka Mish) -Interview

DFBF80E2-C4E5-477D-BFAB-7AA889ABD832QUESTION: Thank you for taking the time to come back and give us an update on your trading and non trading progress in your life. I cannot believe it has been almost a year. With that said, how have you been and how are you and your family holding up with the Coronavirus situation. Is it as big of an issue in Australia as it is in the rest of the world?

MISH: Thanks for having me, it’s absolutely my honor to be back! Technically, I believe it’s been almost 1.5 years but I’ll let it slide (because I know one’s memory can slip as one approaches middle age and beyond). All things considered, life has been pretty good. We’ve been building a new house which is in the final stages of completion, and should be moving in another month or two!

The Coronavirus has definitely started to make its presence known in Australia. We’re currently in Stage 3 (i.e. a soft lockdown with some hefty fines) and have been told to expect and prepare for further restrictions. Whilst other aussies have been panic buying toilet paper and hand sanitizer, I’ve secretly been building up my alcohol stash with bottles of SoHo (a lychee flavored spirit liqueur). I’ll survive this lockdown as long as I have SoHo, running water and soap. Oh and my trading laptop too, we can’t forget that!


QUESTION: How has the trading been going. I have noticed from your Twitter feed that you are no longer trading equities long and short and now trading the futures. Care to share your evolution as a trader and how has it been going for you of late in this crazy market?

MISH: As much as I loved trading equities, the lack of proper sleep was killing me. Working full time during the day and trading for most of the night was starting to mess with my health. I developed heart palpitations and high blood pressure. One time I was driving the kids to school and had a micro second blackout whilst stopped at the lights – that scared me enough to realize something had to change. So I started looking to see what I could trade that was more timezone friendly for aussies. I found myself drawn to futures because they’re open 23/5 which was perfect for me.

When I was trading equities I thought I knew “enough” but after becoming a futures trader I realized I knew jack all. I had my eyes opened to tick, range and renko charts and learned in depth about market makers versus retail traders. The market is designed to make most people lose money most of the time – I was determined to find a way to be an exception to this rule. So much of the market is computerized now with algos and bots… so I needed a way to level up and bring more than just a knife to a gunfight!

It was only quite recently through a series of serendipitous events that I discovered AlgoBox (an algorithmic trading software which can be fully automated). AlgoBox helps me to see and predict market maker patterns before they happen so I can be on the right side of the trade. With the crazy volatility, massive spreads and epic range we’ve been having lately, it’s easy to get your ass handed to you even if you’re only trading with small size! So if you’re choosing to actively day-trade during this time, you might want to have more tools at your disposal – something to give you an edge.


QUESTION: Tell our readers something about you personally that they may not know?

MISH: My second toe is longer than my big toe. I googled what that means and this is what I found: “People with long second toes are qualitative leaders. They are dynamic and creative, and can be bossy. Dominance comes naturally to them”. To be honest, I’m not quite sure whether to be flattered or offended by this.


QUESTION: We have yet to have a guest answer this question. And it is okay to say NO COMMENT so do not feel obligated… But lets play “Married – Sleep with & Kill”…. In the trading community, who would marry, who would you sleep with and who would you kill?


1) Marry – Warren Buffett (because he is very very rich but also very very old).

2) Sleep with – Warren Buffett (I imagine I’d have to, in order to consummate the marriage).

3) Kill – Warren Buffett (this kinda ties in with number 1, and the whole reason why I’d marry someone that old in the first place).


QUESTION: What are your goals and ambition for trading and in your professional career as we understand from your first interview you are in the medical field.

MISH: Goals as a day trader: make enough money to supplement my lifestyle. Whether that be as my main income or just a small 3rd side income remains to be seen. Time will tell as I refine and perfect my trading skills, as well as master my emotional demons.

Goals as a physiotherapist: after almost 15 years as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, I’ve now stepped back into more of a consultancy role – I do a lot of online assessments via video chat these days. My ambition is to train other physiotherapists on how to do thorough assessments without being in the same room as the patient, which seems very fitting given the state of the world right now.


QUESTION: If you like, can you tell us about your kids (or little monsters you like to call them jokingly)

MISH: My little monsters are Claire (7 years old) and Harvey (5 years old). Claire is your typical first child, a type A personality. She is a perfectionist, diligent, reliable, cautious and an over achiever. Harvey is your typical youngest child – a free spirit, uncomplicated, outgoing, attention seeking and a tad self-centered. Harvey has high functioning autism and struggles with communication and social interactions – he attends a specialist autistic school and is improving with each week that passes. They are both my greatest achievements whilst simultaneously being the bane of my existence… it’s a conundrum I’m sure all parents experience!


QUESTION: Your husband must be a Saint. Can you share how you both met. Tell us a funny story that made you realize you loved each other.

MISH: I met my husband at a mutual friend’s birthday party – it was a setup that everyone knew about, but they all neglected to inform me! By the time he arrived at the party, I was properly drunk off my face… to be honest I’m surprised he wanted to marry me after that first impression! I’m quite extroverted (I’m sure that’s not a surprise) and he is more of an introvert… I guess opposites really do attract!

On our first date, he casually rested his hand on my knee. When he removed it a couple of minutes later, there was a wet imprint of his hand on my jeans. He must’ve been so nervous to be sweating like a hooker in church, and I found that very endearing!


QUESTION: Who do you look up to and admire in the trading industry?

MISH: In the trading industry, I admire anyone and everyone that can pick themselves up after a devastating loss and keep going… keep trying to improve themselves. Day trading is the hardest thing I have ever done – and that includes giving birth naturally to 4.06kg and 3.88kg babies without epidurals. The easy path would be to give up and say it’s too hard. But nothing worth having in life comes easy.


QUESTION: Name a recent under $100 purchase that you cannot live without now (keep it clean Mish. lol)

MISH: This is going to sound gross… but with all the extra going out that I’m NOT doing, I’ve been watching “pimple popping” videos on Instagram. I also follow the hashtag #extractions. It’s disgusting but I can’t look away… human bodies can be so gross! I recently invested in the Dr. Pimple Popper “99 Problems Toolkit” which has special tweezers and an extractor for all of my pimple popping needs. The problem is I don’t have a lot of pimples or blackheads on my face to work on, so I’m trying to bribe my husband to let me work on his. It’s a work in progress, let’s just leave it at that.


QUESTION: If you could place one of your favorite sayings on a big billboard, what would it be?

MISH: The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It’s greener where YOU water it.


QUESTION: Thanks Mish again for taking the time on this interview, is there anything else you like to share… and how and where on social media can our reader find you?

MISH: It’s been my pleasure. I’d like to tell all the new daytraders just starting out… there is no point in having a holy grail indicator / strategy / setup if you don’t have risk management skills. Concentrate on mastering yourself and your emotions and I dare say you can make ANY strategy work. For more wisdomous advice and inappropriate memes and GIFs, follow me on Twitter @mishtix888


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