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Interview with Peter Tuchman

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QUESTION – Thank you for taking the time to participate in the Q & A session. Would you like to share with everyone who you are, your background and why you have the title, “most photographed person on Wall Street”?

Hi guys thank you for the opportunity to share my story. My name is Peter Tuchman and I am a trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. I’m commonly known as the Einstein of Wall Street and or the most photographed man on Wall Street. I enjoy my titles. I’ve used my notoriety and fame to create a brand to promote, inspire, and motivate young people to get involved in finance, trading, and Wall Street

Wallstreet and Trading are my passion. Education and motivation are my mission. I’ve been down on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange since 1985. After a wonderful childhood growing up in New York City, I spent my formative years studying agriculture, finance, marketing, and business. They led me to numerous endeavors in the entrepreneur world–record store owner, music and artist management, owning record label Krona records. I spent a while trading commodities in early 1980’s as well.

I went on to work in west Africa for a Norwegian oil company (Saga Petroleum) doing accounting for a year before coming back to New York 1985. I started my career at Cowen and Company on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as a Teletypist and over the next 2 1/2 years went on to become a broker….the top of the world.

While I’ve worked for a number of firms over the years trading, equities, convertible arbitrage, and the S&P 500, I’ve maintained a presence on the floor for the last 35 years as a broker. The title of the Most Photographed Person on Wall Street was given to me many years ago in an article done by BuzzFeed as the 2007 financial crisis hit the stock market and the New York Stock Exchange; The presence of the media on the floor had become a daily event and my boisterous, wild, Einstein, adrenaline filled personality became a magnet for a lot of the media photographs. Over the last 14 years my face and emotional expressions have been noted on front pages on magazines, on television interviews, and billboards throughout the world –thus, the title.

For me I love the attention, I love the forum, I love the platform, I love the brand, I love the opportunity to use my title, my face, my emotionality, and my name to inspire others to get interested in the world to finance and Wall Street.

QUESTION - We understand you are very active to this day in teaching the younger generation on the positive and negatives of investing and trading. Care to elaborate for our readers?

Over the last year we’ve seen an incredible movement towards the democratization of trading and investing throughout the world partly due to the pandemic, partly the new trading apps, partly the barriers to entry coming down of underserved peoples getting access to trading the markets–all of which are great things in my opinion.
We have also seen the crossroads of wild volatile markets and social media butting heads over the last year –not necessarily a good thing. The jury is still out on that. So where does this leave us ??? The analogy I like to use is if I wanted to become a pilot and fly planes across oceans, I wouldn’t just ask the airport to give me a set of keys and just hop in the cockpit and fly. I also would not just read a book about flying and then hop in the cockpit and fly. I would do whatever necessary to learn the game because it’s a life and death experience.  I would want to study, take courses, hire a teacher, get flying hours, and copilot a plane long before I would ever get in the driver seat and fly a plane alone across the Atlantic Ocean. So while money and trading are not life and death experiences they do affect our standard of living and our future. If done correctly and or incorrectly the results are quite different. Therefore, I’ve taken it upon myself as one of my most recent missions to try and address the platform of education when it comes to this new generation of millions of new traders and investors in the marketplace…. Wallstreet “ stock market” 2020 and 2021 are a brand new breed of markets. We are in the midst of a perfect storm. A failing economy, a very volatile stock market, a new generation of traders, social media, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and the thought that Wall Street is a get rich quick scheme, people without an education in trading getting involved slinging around dollars and losing millions are all pieces of a dangerous puzzle when happening at the same time. Granted some people are making $ as well, but not for the most part. We just don’t hear about them !!!!
However, where we are historically, economically, and financially in the market, we find that the only defense against a volatile market, in my opinion,  is in fact “technical analysis.” A lot of the old rules, standards, and practices for trading and investing can be thrown out the door.

Yes , we are hearing about some crypto millionaires, some game stop and reddit millionaires, but we’re not hearing about the thousands and thousands of small accounts that got blown up because people think, “ hope and wishing” are a strategy of trading, and that following the social media mob is a strategy of trading, but they are NOT !!!!! You may win once, you make win twice, but eventually without the tools of technical analysis your account will be blown up, guaranteed.

So as someone who’s mission in life is to get people to love trading and investing, to love finance, marketing and branding, to get people who are consumers to get excited about the stock market, my biggest fear would be that someone finally when the barriers of entry are gone and they get involved in the market and have a couple of good days trading suddenly lose it all. That’s my biggest fear and there is a solution to this problem and it is “education “

My path has introduced me to incredibly bright, smart people, educators, investors, hedge fund managers, and media marvels. And along the way, 35 years ago I met a man named David Green. He was first the clerk, then a market maker for Goldman Sachs, and then went on to make it his mission to educate people on day trading and technical analysis. Not everyone can be a good teacher, not everyone can be selfless enough to make it their life’s mission to help people understand markets, understand trading, and understand technical analysis. Mr. Green has been that person. As recently as two months ago, I partnered with Mr. Green as the host and moderator in chief of the Wall Street Global Trading Academy,
an online day training seminar on technical analysis– seven sections 21 videos from A-to-Z day trading 101–“language of the stock market”, “risk and money management”, “chart set ups”, and “technical analysis trades”. We also offer fun, interactive banter and tales of Wall Street all wrapped up in a beautiful package. Technical analysis is the only defense against wild, volatile markets. Our hope is that people before they open up and start trading this market, which we call “new rules 2021” with percentage moves up and down of 10% on a moment to moment basis, where fortunes can be made and fortunes can be lost instantly at the drop of a hat without having the tools to know what to do, will see the course we offer online. We do live trading videos, we do Q&A‘s every Thursday for those who buy the course. We’ve made it our mission to try and help educate this new generation of traders, to learn technical analysis, which we feel is imperative in order to trade this market.

The opportunities that are out there now are generational. With the volatility in the movement of this market, as we see it, to trade without these tools, it is a “field full of landmines”. With technical analysis, we are offering the probability of winning more times than loosing and finding some financial independence and enjoying it along the way. The course is available online and we are available as mentors. We’re excited to help educate the new generation of traders out in the marketplace.

QUESTION - Tell us the main differences and similarities you see between "old school Wall Street" and the current "new school Wall Street". 

I’ve kind of addressed this question a little bit in the differences and similarities between Old Wall Street and New wall Street in the question above but I will go over it.
While markets often trade predictively due to historical data, in my opinion, the playing field has changed a lot over the last couple of years, particularly during the pandemic. The democratization and the barriers to entry to a large generation of new investors have changed the flora of the market. The health crisis, the global magnitude of the crisis, and social media’s involvement in the marketplace all have changed the flora Of this ocean. It has changed the way we do business, it has changed the nature of finance, investing, trading, and analyzing fundamentals. Everything has changed. I won’t say for the better or the worse, but I will say it’s opened incredible new doors for millions of new people to trade and invest in the market. It has made the volatility, something that I believe will be here to stay. The generational moves in stocks that we’re seeing now are incredible opportunities to make money and to lose money. All the more reason to promote education as the best defense against this new storm.

QUESTION- What personal or professional failure/setback have you experienced in your life that has set you up for this success? 
After pondering my 35-year career on Wall Street and a wonderful childhood with the normal trials and tribulations of growing up, I ended up circling back to the last year of my life. On March 17, 2020, I contracted Covid, tested positive on 23 March and proceeded to be incredibly sick for the next four months with acute fevers and the illness basically ravaged my whole spiritual and physical being.... lung damage,

Meningitis, and brain swelling. To be perfectly honest they were not sure whether I was going to survive. I was home alone in quarantine for 3 months before I finally tested negative for Covid and positive for antibodies. Well I was hoping at this point that I would get my life back, that turned out not to be my destiny. In July I started suffering from insane headaches, neuropathy throughout my body, brain fog with unbearable neck pain and loss of use of my left arm. After multiple MRIs it turned out that my cervical spine had collapsed due to dehydration of the disks from Covid and it was necessary for me do you have a four level fusion of my cervical spine.

I’ve been in the neck brace for more than six months and I am now suffering from acute long term Covid symptoms that are too long to describe. I say all this to say that my physical, spiritual, and emotional being has been rocked into the fourth dimension by this ruthless, deadly virus that has changed the course of my life for the last year and probably will for the rest of my life. While throughout this illness I’ve had incredible support from my family and friends, from social media, and people at work the isolation the trauma, the pain, the uncertainty and the outlook on the future have really tested my resilience as a human being and my spirit. There is no playbook for this virus and for me personally there’s no playbook for these challenges. I’m still deep in it, I’m suffering on a daily basis, and while I get up, I get dressed and I go to work, fatigue ravages my body and pain persists on a daily basis. What does one do when this happens? What does one do when doctors do not know how to help you with your complaints? What does one do when your spirit is broken, your body is in pain, your mind plays tricks on you and the future is uncertain? At numerous times throughout this year I found myself in a state of deep trauma and in a spiritual conundrum. I have a beautiful family, a wife and two children, and an amazing job. I have a great career, lots of friends and a year ago was on the top of the world, and a level of success in my career that I could never have imagined. Now a year later while I am suffering through all of these challenges when there are days where my get up and go has got up and left, I reflect on the last year  and the resilience of the human spirit. I reflect on the challenges that I’ve overcome to be sitting here today on April 3, 2021 once again at the top of my career, closer than ever with my family and friends, and spending my life trying to motivate and inspire others to find something they love to do. How did I get here? How did I navigate through all the darkness? My parents were eastern European Jews who spent four years in concentration camps in Germany after having their families decimated by the Nazis. They spent four years starved, beaten, freezing cold and uncertain when and what day they would die. They shared their experience with me regularly throughout my life so that I would understand the resilience of the human spirit and what it takes to survive this life when it throws unimaginable challenges at you. I drew from their pain, I drew from their experience, I drew from the resilience of their human spirit, of their desire to survive as I navigated my way on a daily basis through the past year of my life.

They are no longer here with me but they lived beautiful long lives into their late 90s. What they taught me was perseverance, inner strength, spirituality, downright stubbornness, and that survival was the best revenge against any challenge that we sustain as humans. I was forced to confront what is really important—the things I need to live and go forward with, things I want, what things I can’t live without, and what is meaningful in my life. When one is confronted by a physical and spiritual bottom, two scenarios happen, either the bottom falls out of the bottom or one harnesses their deep inner strength and starts climbing out of the darkness and into the light. They climb out with a zest for life, and with the grace of God and every ounce and iota of power they have in their physical body and spiritual body with a will to survive. It’s happened since the beginning of time and my trials and tribulations don’t compare to those of my parents, though for me they were deeply traumatic. But the bigger picture is we are all a product of our past. My parents’ journey and the fact that they shared it with me on a very personal level helped me in so many ways to harness the deep pain and challenges, and turn them into opportunities to be of service and help others. And that’s where I am today with smile in my heart, a hop in my step, and, no matter what. grateful to be alive.

QUESTION: This is becoming a favorite question for many - plus readers get some good gift ideas from it. What purchase of less than $100 have you made in the past year that you simple could not live without now?

So what purchase of less than $100 have I made in the past year that I could not live without???
I’m a foodie, I love to eat and I love to cook. I used to be in the food business, so I love new products that are exciting and different.

JannieBakes is a new company that makes piecrust cookies….chocolate, pecan, triple berry…they are like “heaven in a cookie”. The dough is flaky and delicious, the insides are just spectacular, and the different variety of flavors are wonderful. You can heat them up and have them as ice cream or you can just eat them as a cookie. They are delicious!! Janie is a friend of mine. She is a wonderful young entrepreneur who is taking her business to the next level. She will be soon opening up a brick and mortar in New York City on the Upper West Side

They make great gifts and they are available online. Everyone, I guarantee you, will go crazy for them.

Next up

Steve Jenkins well known cheese monger.

Former partner at Fairway recently opened up a Artisanal olive oil and vinegar company. They have vintage olive oils from around the world with “choice” vinegars as well as some other beautiful products that make great gifts with great flavor. I use them every day. Who doesn’t like amazing olive oils, great vinegars, and fun gourmet foods. It’s a must for every kitchen and every cook… great gift.

QUESTION - If you could choose three dinner guests dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Choose three dinner guests alive or dead who you would like to dine with…..
Great question and after much pondering I came up with three that I think would be exciting.

First of all Alexander Hamilton the founder of our banking system has an extraordinary bright personality, is a big thinker, workaholic, and an adrenaline junkie. He is a great writer, great orator, fighter, and businessman man on a mission.  I love history and obviously his history and mine up to a certain extent, so that would be fun for me. These are all qualities which I respect.

Next up Sean Connery — James Bond … Bond , James Bond
In my opinion the coolest guy ever. I always wanted to be a secret agent. My uncle was a spy during World War II and I always kind of was intrigued by the job. As you will see if you ever Google me, I’ve met tons of celebrities and wonderful people in my world on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and for me the coolest of all was Sean Connery. In person, he was a humble, sweet, awesome guy. James bond himself was the ultimate of cool. I love the way he dressed, the way he spoke, the way he acted, he was the king of cool.

Next up, Shaquille O’Neal. Once again someone who I’ve met.  If you Google “Shaq kisses tiny trader” you’ll see a great video of him and I.  He is an incredibly, humble, nice man, super bright but for me his expertise as a branding and marketing gangster is what intrigues me the most.  He’s taking his talents, his name, his face to a whole new level in the branding and marketing advertising world. Once again qualities which I respect and aspire to.

Now if you could imagine the dining room table with Alexander Hamilton, Sean Connery, Shaquille O’Neal and I, that would be a heck of a dinner!

QUESTION - What are some of your hobbies? How do you escape from the real world during these crazy times with Covid the past year?

What are my hobbies and how did I escape from the madness of covid over the last year???
I would say it in three easy words…it would be ART, MUSIC, and FOOD. Those are my three go to’s for relaxation. I can sit in my home or drive in my car and listen to soul music, R&B, opera, classical music, and jazz all day long, super loud, scream and yell and dance around makes me happy. I love art. I love street art. I love collectible toys I follow and mentor a lot of young artists through Instagram and other platforms. Art makes me smile, colors make me happy, and creativity is a great inspiration for me. I’m actually coming out with a collectible toy of my Einstein of Wall Street character and that makes me happy.

And finally, FOOD. I love food even though I must say that for the last year during Covid I have lost my taste buds but it still has not squashed my love for cooking and cooking for others, which makes me happy. I’ve studied cooking and have been cooking since I was a young guy. It’s a wonderful family activity, though I prefer to cook by myself, for others. In the 80’s, I created a hot sauce named Johnny Wishbone Secret Sauce. It was a super fun condiment to help as a cooking aid. I love flavors, I love different textures in food, and I love plating beautiful well-made dinners. These are things that occupy my mind, they relax me and make me happy.

QUESTION – Do you have any mentors now or when you first got started in your career?

To be honest, mentors in my field of work not so much, but mentors in my life I would say are my parents.

My parents grew up in Eastern Europe. They were incarcerated in concentration camps during the war. They spent four years in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen and lost a majority of their family to the Nazi occupation. They fell in love in a displaced person camp after the war. They married and came to America and found their dream and followed their dream. They were inspirational, they had great humanity, their characters were impeccable, they were kind, they were loving, and they were empowering. Having experienced what they had, the total in humanity and to have survived it and to have come out of it not angry or bitter but kind, loving, and empowering for me has been my greatest inspiration.

Anger resentment and bitterness are not constructive qualities for a productive life. Looking and living while you stare into the rearview mirror, nah…it’s not the best way to drive down the highway or live your life. Being positive, carrying an inspirational message, always coming from a loving place, finding kindness in your heart, being a survivor, persevering, following your dream are the mentorship qualities I got from my parents and that have carried me through my journey. They lived to be late into their 90s, their love affair never ended, they were married for 66 years, and they were happy, joyous, and free. That’s how I live my life!!

QUESTION - We understand you know someone we interviewed last year, "The VOZ".. Care to share any funny moments with her from the floor of the stock exchange?

Do I care to share any funny moments about “the Voz”
If I share any funny moments about “the Voz”, I’ll just have to kill you…. let’s leave it at that. The Voz is da best. We’ve known each other for many years. We had a wonderful weekly show called Wall Street Wisdom that we did from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. She’s fun, she’s bright, she’s boisterous, she’s shattered the ceiling on women in finance and media and she’s a good person.

QUESTION  - If you could have a big billboard with your favorite saying or message on it, what would it be?

The billboard…I love it!!
“If you find something you love to do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”
It’s my motto.
“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”
And finally, something which is important to me, which you could kind of just put on my grave stone, “He who dies having affected the most people in a positive way is the winner!!!”…”Toys don’t mean shit”

They are not my sayings…they’re just great sayings and I live my life that way.

QUESTION-  Thank you  for taking the time for this interview. How can our readers contact you, including on social media. And is there anything else you like for our readers to know about you?

Thanks for the opportunity to share with you guys. What a wonderful interview. Again, thank you.

You can find Peter on Twitter at


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