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Mariana Hincapie – Millionaire Trader

QUESTION - Thank you for taking the time to participate in the Q & A session. Would you like to share with everyone who you are, your background (current and previous career, education, etc). And your journey to becoming a Millionaire Trader in such a short period of time.

My name is Mariana Hincapie and i started trading right after i finished high school in 2018 i wasnt very passionate at first but eventually I started getting into it more and more when i gained more experience. I got into trading from my dad when he would give me financial articles to learn from and helped me in every way to have an independent job for myself, he never went to college and i followed in the same footsteps as he also did, i found tim sykes in his articles and since then i have been in the challenge learning as much as i could, i started using very little size and started full time day trading in september 2019 just getting my feet wet and
lost about 3-5k in the first few months without knowing since i still had no real education on the platforms and such, i started being primarily an OTC trader and also traded too much so i took too many trades and the losses piled up with commissions did not make that easy, when i figured out what i was doing wrong i stopped taking trades just because but instead i started focusing on patterns that i wanted to learn, first one being breakouts then first red days then panic dip buys and first green day all otc and i took as many trades as i could to get a feel of every strategy, around january a year later i had taken a little over 1k trades which got me over 100k profits, now it was time to maximinze since the market got very hot in otc land in those 1k trades to find
out what really worked for me, panic dip buys and i sized up maybe 10x more than i would in previous months $TSNP $OZSC $ENZC $INND which resulted in a +$626,200 dollar month and to this current day the best month ive ever had, so that was the main contributor the OTC market as hot as possible and preparation with sizing up after practicing for the past year mainly on the panic strategy.
QUESTION - Now I know some of our readers are going to be skeptical of you making a million dollars trading. How would you respond to them. And how would you respond to those who sincerely want to know how you acheived this.

For the haters and doubters, stop finding excuses on why you can't do it too and dont try to bring people down, my best advice is to be positive towards others, and instead dedicate yourself and be inspired, and for those who believe i achieved with hard work and long days, sizing up when the time is right being prepared and taking as many practive trades with little risk as i could until i
found my pattern and ymy trading personality. 
QUESTION - Do you feel you get treated and looked upon differently in the trading community since you are a woman. And do you consider yourself a role model to other women traders?

I definitely feel different in the trading community, i have a good example lets pretend that we are at a third grade playground, and there are 10 little boys at the swings and around but one of the girls wants to come up and also try and use the swing, will the girl be comfortable? How will the little boys react? Probably “girls have cuties” and leave well the same thing happens when there is a new girl that has never happened before and all the guys already have their groups, i dont blame anybody for not inviting me haha it just happens and i understood that since the beginning which is why i have tried my best to talk to as many girls as i can
in the trading community, we actually now have an all girls chatroom, and regular zoom calls where we check up on each other, i do see myself as a role model and i love it because i never had that girl inspiration when i started and it makes it more difficult to believe but now i see tons of girls commenting on my twitter and tons starting to trade, and i love it.

QUESTION- Now some non training questions. What personal or professional failure/setback have you experienced in your life that has set you up for this success? 

I lived in colombia right before i got into trading and there i was able to see what hard work really is but with no reward, the payment is for less than $10 USD a day, and for me i thought was hard to see since some worked from 6-9pm and i never worked but i did have to help out in my cousins shop and i was there so much and the work that goes on behind closed doors i didnt want to live for myself, i wanted to go back and keep trying trading to see if it would work because i know the potential it has. 
QUESTION : This is becoming a favorite question for many - plus readers get some good gift ideas from it. What purchase of less than $100 have you made in the past year that you simple could not live without now?

Honestly for me, the people that know me know that i cant live without my vaseline, i hate chapped lips, so i have one in my office in
my room in my purse and in my car.

QUESTION - If you could choose three dinner guests dead or alive, who would they be and why?

 Three dinner guests: 

Jesse livermore: I can't think of anyone else that would show me market experience, market cycles and how to deal with emotional barries better than him, being through all of it also when trading was more difficult, less technologically advanced. I would like to get a feel of those times and also get more tips on how to deal with big losses.

Elon musk: diversification and dedication, one of the greatest icons of our time, very modern so i would like to have a guest with very technologically advanced mindset now that i have one that teaches me about the past id like to get an idea of the future and how to think big, how to grow a successful business. 

David Goggins: i gotta have an inspirational speaker, no brainer, who else than him to get me started with the right mindset

QUESTION - You just recently took your parents to Italy on vacation. Were they always supportive of your choice to get into trading?

My parents as i mentioned earlier have been the most supportive parents in the world, my dad was the one that introduced me to trading and mom brings the discipline and the emotional support, so my dad one of the best things he ever told me was “treat it like college” “you dint have to make money” and im so glad i took them to italy because thay wasmt the original plan it was actually for me to return, but when i was already there it was just so beautiful theft deserved to be with me there also, so i booked them a flight and they were so happy about it.

QUESTION - What advice would you give to your younger self and to someone just coming out of school (college or high school)

The advice i would give to myself is be more confident, because i lacked that the most and when i was starting out that hurt me since it would be more mentally demoralizing for me. 

QUESTION - Timothy Sykes has a love/hate relationship with many. Some love him, others hate him. Since you know him closely, why insights can you give us on Sykes that the general public may not know?

I love tim, so genuine, a very caring person, also eats a lot of food, ive never had one time where i havent gotten inspired by his work dedication, he is definitely the hardest worker i know, and also is always very happy to be around us, very willing to help and guide, he is tough but when he needs to be, his teachings have worked for 20+ years so i dont see why so many haters if they could just turn it around there would be more millionaires, with the right market and the right teacher everything works perfect, also he rewards with beautiful scenery. 

QUESTION  - If you could have a big billboard with your favorite saying or message on it, what would it be. 

“GOOD THINGS, TAKE TIME” one of my all time favorite quotes, nothing related to trading better than this quote, and to life in general, everything worth doing takes effort, dedication, love, passion, a lot of hard work, because if it wasnt hard it is not the best in most cases. You get rewarded but only after you have mastered your skill and that will not be overnight.
QUESTION-  Thank you  for taking the time for this interview. How can our readers contact you, including on social media. And is there anything else you like for our readers to know about you?

Contact me:

Twitter: mari_trades

Instagram: mari_hincapiee


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