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Better known on Twitter as @TradeBeautiful


QUESTION: Thank you for taking the time Les to participate in the Q & A session. Before we start in detail. Would you like to share with everyone, who you are, what you do, where you live and feel free to mention any side hustle businesses or income you have outside of trading?

LESLEY-ANNE JONES: No worries. My absolute pleasure to chat to you guys. Who am I ? hmmm… Well like the rest of the world i am still discovering that but I can tell you what i do. I am a stocks and options trader in the U.S Equities market. I’m from Dublin (up the Dubs) in Ireland and i have recently moved to Vancouver in BC. While i do trade full time i also spend time in a local business as a business management and leadership coach. I am also very proud and honoured to be an affiliate of the trading software i use. Trade ideas.

QUESTION: How long have you been trading for? What got you into this career profession?

LESLEY-ANNE JONES:  Four years. Wow has it really been that long? The market teaches you everyday so i guess i have another 10 years or so before i don’t feel like a “newbie”. 5 years ago i received a phone call saying my brother was in a car crash. The next three days i had to make the hardest decision i would ever have to make, to turn off his life support. During those three days i never left his side and i did everything i could to wake him up. Played his favorite music, tried to fix his hair(which he always hated me doing) and begged him not to give up. I couldn’t help but remember everything i had missed? I was running a highly successful fashion store where my life was not my own. Two months previous i had missed his 21st birthday due to work. After a few weeks i returned to work but everything looked so different. All the “problems” everyone had were just so insignificant in my eyes. I then made the best decision i have ever made . I decided i wanted to invest in the most expensive and precious commodity. TIME. So i started to research financial freedom and a well known penny stock trader popped up. I ignored it because i was a fashion buyer and store leader not a financial whizz. But he’s persistent and he was popping up everywhere. Thanks google ads. And that’s how i started.

 QUESTION: What failure or setback in both trading and life have you experienced that has set you up for latter success?

LESLEY-ANNE JONES:  Well let’s take trading for example. I spent over a year failing. Almost every day.Can you imagine being in a job where you wake up everyday and fail AND lose money.. How many people stick through that. Well you would be fired after a month in a 9-5. I still have those days but thank God they are less frequent. I was working 60 per week,studying trading and then decided to do a diploma in investment management because my family convinced me that i needed a piece of paper to tell me and them i could work in the market. I was with a whole load of bankers who looked down on me and so profoundly called me legally blonde. I took the course because it stated it taught technical analysis and when i asked the lecturer when we were getting to the subject, he laughed and only referred to me as the ‘chartist” for the duration of the course. Guess what. He never taught it because without showing any proof he said ” it doesn’t work”. I think the career we undertake is so misunderstood and mainly because people just don’t take the time to learn it.It has definitely been hard disagreeing with family and friends but people will always be afraid of what they don’t understand. Proving people wrong has been fun.

QUESTION: Outside of trading, what strange or unusual habit do you have and enjoy?

LESLEY-ANNE JONES:  Oh i am obsessed with the brain. One of my good friends Stephen always sends me videos of people dissecting brains lol. I’m fascinated with humans. I really enjoy studying neurobiology and neuropsychology. I’m a curious creature and like to observe why people do what they hate but wont do what they enjoy. We are never taught how to think in school. We are taught how to memorize and i like to study how to unlearn that conditioning.

QUESTION: How would you describe your trading style? How has it evolved over time?

LESLEY-ANNE JONES:  When i first began i was like a rabbit on speed. Switching charts every few minutes. Trying to fit patterns into each other. Buying tops and shorting bottoms. Just the usual lol As for right now my trading style is very calculated. I will not enter a trade unless it is giving me a signal. I sit back and wait for the trade to present it self. Time frames i like are 1,2,3,5 and 15 but ultimately the daily determines if its a trade for me.For Micro caps i still only use Volume, Vwap, Support,resistance and tape. For large cap and etfs i have added RSI,stochastics,9ema,50 and 200. It’s also no secret i am more comfortable short. This hasn’t changed but i am getting increasingly better at going long.

QUESTION: What are your goals for trading and life. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

LESLEY-ANNE JONES:  I will always trade. I have found a way to make money for life and one that i enjoy so i’ll still be a trader in 10 years. As for life well to touch on what i previously said about my unusual hobby i would love to start a NPO with my partner. We are all reaching for something in life . however it will never happen unless and until we change our mind. I would like to teach people how to reprogram their mind to keep the promises they make in secret to themselves. My goal is to teach people that poverty is a state of mind.

QUESTION: Outside of trading, how do you enjoy spending your time?

LESLEY-ANNE JONES:  Reading, exploring,laughing, loving. I have stopped surviving and i am now living, it’s a very interesting time in my life and i couldn’t be more excited.

 QUESTION: What advice would you give your younger self (both in trading & life) ?

LESLEY-ANNE JONES:  Excuse my language. Stop giving a fuck what other people think. Why were you listening and taking advice from people who were in the same or worse situation than you. Figure out what you want, truly want. Write it down,read it everyday and don’t stop until you get there. Filter the noise. Our whole nature as humans depend on goals. If we are not working towards or creating something we are disintegrating.

QUESTION: What good & bad advice do you hear often in trading?

LESLEY-ANNE JONES:  God there is so much advice out there which is a good and bad thing in itself. You don’t have to trade everyday is a great piece of advice. Your setup may not show up everyday but this is not the time to take a boredom trade or experiment. . Journal all your trades. Find what works and perfect it and eliminate what doesn’t. Hmmm bad advice? Sign up for my alerts and you can be a millionaire in a year. I’ve been there, i’ve signed up and i can tell you i am not a millionaire from their alerts but they are. You need to become self sufficient in this career and there are more than enough free resources out there. Jumping from service to service will not make you as a trader.

QUESTION: What are your favorite trading & non-trading books to read and why?

LESLEY-ANNE JONES:  I will try to keep this short. Trading: The art and science of technical analysis, Technical analysis over multiple time frames, Trading in the zone, The daily trading coach, Reminisces of a stock operator.

Non trading: Psycho cybernetics ,Think and grow rich, The science of getting rich, The 7 habits of highly effective people, Advanced NLP techniques.

QUESTION: When you have lost your mojo or focus (both in trading and life), what do you do to get back on track?

LESLEY-ANNE JONES:  I focus on the end goal and i replay my Why over and over. I walk in to my office every morning with one goal: to be satisfied and excited about the trades and decisions i made in that room. If i walk in focused on not losing money chances are i will do the opposite and loose money. If i am walking into a business meeting that i know will be confrontational i will behave a lot differently thinking about the end goal, which is to resolve the situation, instead of going in thinking about getting my point across or winning an argument. Figure out your WHY. Focus on the outcome.

QUESTION: If you could have a big billboard with your favorite saying or message on it, what would it be.

LESLEY-ANNE JONES:  Decision + Discipline = Freedom

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