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Stefanie Kammerman

98DA1016-E8A9-41FF-8808-B71AD0B39DECQUESTION – Thank you for taking the time to participate in the Q & A session. Before we start in detail. Would you like to share with everyone who may not know, who you are, what you do, where you live and what trade room (if any) and where you can be found everyday.

STEFANIE: For those of you who are not familiar with me, my name is Stefanie Kammerman. Over the last 24 years I have had many nicknames. In my early 20’s, my trading table called me the Trading goddess, being that I was the only female trader on the floor. Throughout my 30’s and 40’s my traders and neighbors have called me The Stock Whisperer. I used to go around the neighborhood whispering in people’s ears to buy specific stocks as well as calling corrections.

I also ran a trading table calling out all my trades and teaching others how to trade at the same time. On Twitter, I’m also known as the volumeprintcess, thanks to Larry Berman (BNN Berman’s call) who gave me that nickname after being on a few tours across Canada with him.

I’m more than just a trader, I have been a mom for the last 20 years, which is the best job I have ever had! I took 10 years off from trading full time to raise them and I was fortunate that I could do that. Trading is one of the only careers where you can make more money in one year than most people can do in a decade. To have the choice to work or not daily is also a great freedom. I am both a day trader and a swing trader, short term and long term. I trade stocks and options. I am not just a trader, but I am a teacher and a coach to my students.

I also have a degree in psychology which I find most useful in trading.

QUESTION – You are somewhat of a trading celebrity if such a term exists. As we see you on television often, appear regular on the trading speakers circuit – plus you have a highly popular book and Dark Pool App/Trading Room. Can you explain for those who may not know about all of this?

STEFANIE: I am way more popular than I was in high school. I got lucky. I pretty much fell into the Dark Pool. Right after college I got a job as an assistant to one of the best traders at the largest Prop firm in New York, Shonfeld Securities. I sat in the million-dollar room, right in front of a machine called the Instinet. The Instinet was this green glowing machine that handled all the dark pool liquidity. In other words, it was where all the big guys did their trades. This was an alternative secretive exchange that most people do not know about. It was my job to execute all the orders for our trading table in the dark pool.

Apparently, everybody wants to learn about the Dark Pool and I can’t blame them. This is the holy grail of trading in my opinion. After years of calling every market move on social media,including the last 13 out of 13 corrections, I was asked to write a book about it. My book is called “Dark Pool Secrets. You may have seen it on Fox Business news or CNBC. You can order a copy for free at Just pay for shipping and handling.

I feel so fortunate to have learned what I did in my early 20’s and my mission is to share this information and help as many traders as I can.

The Dark Pool is a game changer. These are the trades that are moving the market. They are executed in private exchanges. Over 40% of all the trading volume happens in the Dark Pool. My book sheds light on the manipulation that happens in the Dark Pool and teaches you how to profit off it. You will learn how to spot a correction before it happens! I also share all my secrets on how I have a achieved a documented 93% success rate on my Whisper recommendations since 2013 and so much more!

I am a tape reader, who specializes in trading around the Dark Pool. For the past 10 years, I have been running a live online trading room called The Java Pit. Every day I share mycomputer screens with my traders educating them by calling out all my trades in real time.  I believe this the only way and best way to teach people how to trade.

Out of huge demand we created a Dark pool app for my traders who cannot be in my live trading but want push notifications sent to their smart device of where the Dark Pool is trading.

It’s available in the google play store as well as the apple app store.

I also have tons of downloadable educational workshops and 5 years of FREE educational YouTube videos.

All these links are at the end of this interview if you want to learn more

QUESTION – Can you briefly explain the Dark Pool and some successes you have had with it.

STEFANIE: Most people think you can not see the Dark Pool, but this is false. Not only can we see it, we can easily profit off these trades. I have been trading off the dark pool for over 24 years now and have had so many amazing trades including a short on Wells Fargo $WFC before they announced about those fraudulent bank accounts. Not a week goes by that we do not see massive prints (trades) that are done on specific stocks BEFORE the news comes out. This is a weekly occurrence. Traders use to think I got lucky all the time, or some have called me psychic for being in trades before the news comes out.  I am sharing my secrets with everybody now. All I do is follow the unusual Dark pool trades. These are the big guys. These are the guys that are moving the market up and down. The best part is that I do all the work for you calling out these trades. All you must do is learn how to trade them.

QUESTION – What failure or setback in both trading AND life have you experienced that has set you up for latter success?

STEFANIE: Failures are successes. When we try something, and it does not work out, we succeeded because we tried something new. Changing our lives leads to growth. The best thing that ever happened to me was getting divorced and getting fired. I got fired when I asked for a raise and I got divorced because the man I was married to was mentally abusive.  I am going to be honest with you and say I was petrified to make these changes. I had two small children, but I made the changes for them. I did not want them growing up in an abusive house thinking that behavior was okay. I also wanted them to never be afraid and speak up for themselves and fight for what they are worth.   If I didn’t make these changes in my life, I never would have grown into the strong independent entrepreneur that I am today.

Most of us have all been in an airplane listening to the flight attendant tell us to put the oxygen mask on ourselves before helping the person next to us put on theirs. Helping ourselves gives us the ability to help others. Making these changes in my life has given me the ability to help thousands of people across the world.  Failures are golden opportunities to make a positive change. When one trade doesn’t work out, do not hold onto it hoping it will get better. Get out and find a better one!

QUESTION – Outside of trading, what strange or unusual habit do you have and enjoy?  

STEFANIE: I have quit all my unusual habits, but I will let you know when I pick up a new one.

QUESTION– How would you describe your trading style? How has it evolved over time?

STEFANIE: My trading style is old fashioned trading in a high-tech world. Jesse Livermore tape reading at it’s best They use to kick Jesse out of the bucket shops in the early 1920’s because he was able to read the tape and they felt he was stealing their money. They had his picture up on the wall like he was a criminal. Could you imagine if Td Ameritrade called you up and said, you know Mr. Jones you need to go find another broker, we can not trade against you. They can not kick us out of the market, but they can and will manipulate it.

Trading really hasn’t evolved as much as people think. It’s the same old market.

When I first started out trading in 1994, the market was trading in fractions. We were trading on the 1/8’ths and ¼’s. Well guess what? We are still trading on fractions, this is another one of my secrets that I share in my book. Nothing has changed since 1920’s. The tape is still the tape and will always be the tape. Successful traders know to stay on the right side of the tape.

QUESTION – Outside of trading, how do you enjoy spending your time/hobbies?

STEFANIE:Is there an outside of trading? I will admit, I live, eat, and breathe the stock market. I love Mondays and hate the weekends because the market is closed. When you love what you do, it’s not work, its your passion. I spend hours over the weekend preparing for the following trading week. I wake up very early on Saturday mornings and comb through all the best Dark pool trades and map out at least 40 high probability trades for my traders. I create a 30-40-minute video showing these trade set ups. If you are in my trading room or you have my Dark Pool app you receive this video every weekend.

I do make some free time every week for another passion of mine. Not too many people know this about me, but I am a professional published singer/songwriter with BMI. I have written over 100 songs and many of them have landed on some popular shows like “American Idol”, “America’s got Talent”, and “Dr 90210 just to name a few. My songs have been used as background music on these shows. Even though this was a huge accomplishment for me and I love playing my piano, the quarterly royalty checks I get barely cover my Verizon bill, so I will keep my day job.

QUESTION – What advice would you give your younger self (both in trading AND life) ?

STEFANIE: I think we learn so much from our mistakes, so I wouldn’t change a thing. Did any of us listen to our parents when they told us not to do things? I didn’t think so.

QUESTION – What good & bad advice do you hear often in trading?

STEFANIE: How many of you have paper traded for 2 years before doing your first trade?  I am going to guess and say probably nobody. Everybody is in such a rush to make money that they forget they need to be trained first. You do not learn how to trade in high school or in college. Just like you needed to be trained for years in your other profession, you need to be trained in the market if you want to succeed. If you do not get trained first, you are simply gambling. Trading is not gambling. It should purely be mathematical. Putting on low risk/high reward trades. I worked hard to hone this craft. Every day I am learning to become a better trader and I love every single minute of it.

The good news is that you do not have to paper trade for 2 years, but you must learn before you earn. Starting out as a trader’s assistant was the key to my success. I never envisioned that I would become a trader myself. I was learning how to trade by watching the best. Before I knew it, I was trading my boss’s account by calling out to the clerk across the table to buy and sell stocks based on the rules that my boss had taught me.

In 1996, My boss Scotty moved to Florida because he did not want to pay New York State income tax and our firm was opening an office down there. I was very upset because I thought I was going to be out of a job, but something happened that I never expected. Our firm gave me 250K to trade with. I was the first female trader they had, and I had a killer year. I won the rookie of the year trading award my first year making 6 figures. I never would have achieved success like that if I was not trained properly. The market is not going anywhere. You need to respect your money. Enjoy the learning process

QUESTION – What are your favorite trading & non-trading books to read and why

STEFANIE: My favorite all time book is “Reminiscences of a stock operator” written by Edwin Lefevre. It was originally published in 1923 and nothing has changed. I love it! The author interviewed Jesse Livermore for weeks before writing this book and it is my trading bible. This was the best book I have ever read on trading. So many great stories and strategies that I still use to this day.

I guess I should also plug my own book here “Dark Pool Secrets😉

QUESTION – When you have lost your mojo or focus (both in trading and life), what do you do to get back on track?

STEFANIE: Some days can be tough, and If you find that you haven’t gotten enough sleep, don’t trade. If you have problems with your kids, or family members, don’t trade. The good news is that it doesn’t happen too often for me, but I recognize when it does. If you have bigger problems in your life, I highly suggest you seek help from a therapist. You need to be 100% emotionally stable when it comes to trading. If you can’t get into the zone, you need to stop trading and fix what is wrong. Not only will your trading account thank you, but your friends and family will also be grateful.

QUESTION  – If you could have a big billboard with your favorite saying or message on it, what would it be.

STEFANIE: Bullish above, Bearish below.  No Thinking!

Whenever I think, I lose money. Just read the tape and keep yourself out of the trade.

QUESTION: Thank you Stefanie for taking the time out of your busy schedule for this interview. How and where can our readers contact you.

STEFANIE: Thank you! It was my pleasure😉 Here is where you can find out more info:


     ( store front website)


Twitter: volumeprintcess

Stocktwits & Instagram: The_Stock_Whisperer

Dark Pool app:

To order my book:

YouTube Channel:

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